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World Cup Fan Village Is an Absolute Hell in the Desert

In the midst of such corruption, nothing surprises us anymore.

Imagine planning your dream World Cup trip to Qatar and spending $200 a night for a full luxury experience, only to find out that you’ll be staying inside a shipping container in the middle of the hot desert. Well, 60,000 soccer fans might live an actual nightmare this month.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup fan village is an absolute disaster, where shipping containers are being used for rooms with no cooling devices, considering that the temperatures range from highs of 93 to lows of 68 at night.

When fans are not at the stadium, they can stay at the so-called "village" and hang out to watch the games on a big screen. The problem is that the area is in the middle of the desert with no roof and is placed on artificial turf.

Alcohol is prohibited within the fan village per Qatar’s Islamic policies, so your only option is to stay in your hot container while you wait for your next match. Although it is possible to consume alcohol in certain areas, that will probably be an issue because of the number of people that will be there.

The restaurant area barely holds up to 100 people, and the tent doesn’t show any signs of air conditioning other than a couple of portable units that might not get the job done.

At the end of the day, this is what corruption does. Since the announcement of Qatar as the World Cup host, there have been controversies of every kind, and what’s certain is that they, as an organization, received huge amounts of money just to make everything low-cost and keep earning even more.