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WNBA Ratings Are Up And The Reasons Are Clear

A step in the best direction for the WNBA ratings.

Last season, the WNBA had its best ratings since 2008. They have surpassed that in 2022. The ratings for the 2022 WNBA have reached their highest mark in 22 years. The postseason has drawn an average of 439,000 viewers through 19 games, its best mark since 2002.

The semifinals featured the Seattle Storm, Los Vegas Aces, the Chicago Sky, and the Connecticut Sun. See for yourself.

Game 3 between the Storm and Aces was the most-watched WNBA game of all time, peaking at a record-breaking audience of 1.4 million viewers. Impressive.

How Do We Make It More?

With many slow paradigm shifts, it takes a concentrated effort from both individuals and corporations to increase viewership. Having more easily accessible televised games is one way to help. All major playoff games in every sport should be on easily-accessible channels, in my opinion.

"The full WNBA regular season averaged 372,000 viewers across the ESPN family of networks, up 19% from last year and the league’s most-watched season since 2008. This year’s average is up 51 percent from 2019 (246K), the last year before ESPN expanded its WNBA schedule to include regular game windows on ABC."

The astronomical costs of cable and streaming don't seem to have an end, but these companies can afford to charge for services while making things cheaper for the average family. Partnering with the WNBA (and other sports whose viewerships need a boost, especially women's sports) to have the occasional free broadcast once a week would be very helpful. As a cord-cutter, it has become increasingly difficult to have streaming services while also having basic cable.

It Is Growing

WNBA's 2021 opening weekend had a 25% ratings jump and it has continued to slowly rise since then. As a society shifts, so does its tastes and interests. Shining a light on non-men's sports pays dividends. Representation matters.