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Tua's Health, Broncos Offense, And More Burning NFL Questions

The NFL continues to be the NFL, and that means we have questions.

There’s still one more game to played in Week 3 of the NFL, with the Cowboys and the Giants set to face off tonight. But there’s still plenty to talk about from a Week 3 of the NFL that saw Aaron Rodgers prevail over Tom Brady, the Colts beating a very-conservative Chiefs team, the Dolphins emerging as the elite AFC team, and the Broncos score one red zone TD, which is apparently good enough for a win when you’re the Broncos.

Here are some of the biggest questions coming out of the NFL week 3:

Will the Broncos Ever Score Consistently Again?

The thing with the Broncos is that they haven’t looked like a really good team in the first three games, and yet they’ve managed to win two of those and are now tied for first place in the AFC West. Russell Wilson had one good drive during the Sunday night win against the 49ers. One. And that was enough for the win. And though it could be argued the 49ers beat themselves, just as the Texans before, some credit has to go to the Broncos' defense, which is looking like a top-tier unit.

And that means that if Russell Wilson can go back to looking like the QB he’s been the past decade or so, the Broncos still have a chance of being the team we thought they could be at the beginning of the season. First order of business? Actually score TDs, particularly while in the red zone.

The Dolphins Prevail, but is Tua Tagovailoa okay?

The Miami Dolphins won a close, hard-fought game against the Buffalo Bills, one that might end up being remembered for the frustration of Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey, who threw quite a tantrum as time expired. This is how well the Dolphins have played, and with 3 games in the books and a Chiefs loss, they are indeed looking like the best team in the AFC right now.

But a win doesn’t mean the Dolphins weren’t the Dolphins. There was that safety on a muffed punt. And of course, there was the quick return to the game of QB Tua Tagovailoa, who somehow cleared concussion protocols despite looking very much like he had a concussion. Now the question is – is Tagovailoa okay? Because without him the Dolphins are a different team.

Are these the real Chargers?

The Jaguars didn’t just shock the Chargers, they dominated them, with a final score of 38-10. On paper, the Chargers still have a pretty good team, and it’s only been three games, so they can certainly still turn it around and compete. But considering their division is anything but an easy one, it’s hard to see a path where they do that in a way that allows them to win the division. Three games in, the Chargers are now playing for a wildcard spot, if that. And even that is a question mark, considering their abysmal play.

Maybe the Chargers were never actually as good as we thought?

We probably won't get answers to these questions till Week 4, and it's likely then we'll have a whole different set of questions, and answers. That's the NFL for you.