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White Sox Are Now Being Managed By The Fans

This particular White Sox game took quite a turn.

The White Sox are finally having something of a hot streak. On Tuesday night they beat the Astros in dramatic fashion, and they're 7-3 in their last 10 games. How have they done this? Have they done this on the strength of their young and confident manager? Sorry, this is not the place for jokes. Well on Monday night, a fan literally called the shots.

If you had trouble following the video, this was the situation.

White Sox and Houston Astros were tied 2-2 after an Eloy Jimenez double. The video shows a fan in the stands near the Chicago dugout yelling at Tony La Russa to put in Adam Engel as a pinch-runner. This makes sense since Engel is a speedy runner. If you watched the game live, it is very convincing that this fan got through to La Russa. It took an awful lot of time for La Russa to make the pinch-running move. It also makes sense when you consider La Russa's 2022 season.

La Russa has a hall of fame managing career, but his hiring has been called into question since the day it was announced. The White Sox have been a young, exciting team, and hiring one of the oldest men on earth, I mean one of the oldest managers around, was puzzling. La Russa was also coming off another drunk driving incident. Throughout the season, baseball fans have made jokes that La Russa often naps during games, as he has left pitchers out there for far too long, made terrible lineup decisions, and has led this White Sox team to an underachieving 2022 season.

The humor of "La Russa asleep at the helm of the team" goes out the window (or gets funnier depending on your sense of humor) when you realize it's not a joke. It's happened.

The Next Best Thing

White Sox fans have called for La Russa's firing for the better part of two seasons. White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf has made it clear that he sticks by his pet dinosaur and friend in La Russa, so Sox fans know this probably will never happen.

I suppose having a fan in the stands call the shots is the next best thing.