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What's The Deal With Seinfeld Being An Idiot?

Ever the celebrity Mets fan, Jerry Seinfeld puts his foot in his mouth.

The star of the world's greatest unwatchable show, Jerry Seinfeld, has joined the frustration of fellow Mets fans during their team's mediocre stretch. Did he blame the shoddy starting pitching, lack of clutch hits, or lackadaisical play? No. He went in a different direction. Seinfeld blamed Timmy Trumpet’s "Narco" performance for closer Edwin Diaz at Citi Field last week for the reason they have gone 5-5 in their last 10.

Perhaps it was not the best idea to blame the coolest thing to happen during a Mets game. These comments were left by Seinfeld in the Instagram comments of SNY's account.

"I blame that stupid Trumpet performance. Celebrating in season. We haven’t won anything. Bad mojo. Same as when the (Baha) Men showed up to play ‘Who Let (the) Dogs Out’ in 2000 WS. Series ended right there."

The 2000 Mets ended up losing to their crosstown rivals, the New York Yankees. This is a bit of cherry-picking on Seinfeld's part. The Mets have a history of "lolMets" over the past decade. It's an annual tradition: the pundits see the potential of the Mets roster and predict a 92-100 win season. Every year, the unforeseeable happens through injuries or poor performances, and the Mets become the patron saint of MLB mediocrity. In the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, the Mets were the most unclutch team in MLB history. Fear not, though. The Mets are almost a mortal lock for the playoffs this season and they have a scary rotation.

Seinfeld has a long history of being a frustrated Mets fan. Most Mets fans do, I suppose. Seinfeld should not be blaming Timmy Trumpet. For the Seinfeld fans who want to throw darts at me for calling the classic show unwatchable, I understand. It's a hot take. The show is over 20 years old now, though. It's officially older than the people Seinfeld prefers for his dates.