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What's the Best Name For the Washington Football Team?

The Washington Football team is going to unveil its new name on February 2nd. What are the best choices?

The Washington Football team announced Tuesday that it'll reveal its long-awaited new name and logo on February 2nd. Club President Jason Wright had previously confirmed that the temporary name would be rebranded in 2022, after choosing to remove the name "Redskins."

Removing The Previous Name

Removing the name "Redskins" was the right choice. There are still many people who don't believe this, but frankly, there is no good reason to defend using that slur as a football team name. There are many reasons to change it, beyond showing some respect to the Native American community. It is a cliche, but a change means an opportunity for something better. Many reading may still be upset about the team's name change. Perhaps those still upset should consider it an opportunity for the team that plays in Washington to have an even better name. 

In the spirit of the team playing in Washington, all of the obvious choices relate to the team playing in our Nation's capital. This is not a bad thing. Going in this direction feels like the right choice. 

Let's See Some Names

The Commanders

This is predictable and a little generic, but the argument is that Washington is the ultimate city to use this name for their team. It has some bravado and could have some unique logo ideas.


I didn't think this was the best choice until I said the whole name. "The Washington Brigade" might have the best flow off the tongue of any of the options. Not sure what graphic design could go with this in terms of a logo, but it sure flows well.


There are a few suggestions that feel a little on the nose, and this one smacks the nose off the sculpture. Unfortunately, this country has become more polarized than it probably ever has, and this name could just lead to disaster. A sad state of affairs, but ultimately the name just feels too perfect.


Much like the "Presidents," this could be slightly cloying, but its imagery is pretty terrific. The graphic design could integrate stars on the new logo, and it carries a bravado that even "Commanders" doesn't have. In terms of a safe bet, this is as safe as it gets and I would choose it first. 

Red Hogs

Keeping the color in the description is a little disappointing in terms of choosing a brand new name, but "hogs" is fantastic. The hogs moniker has been around the franchise for a long time, and "The Washington Hogs" has a nice flow as well. 


This is my personal choice, as it is not a name I have seen mentioned in the runnings. The team is literally announcing their new name on Groundhog day. The Washington Groundhogs would be a perfect anthropomorphic choice like many of the current sports teams. It also lends a sense of humor for Washington fans when they struggle. Being able to laugh it off by saying, "it's groundhog day all over again" is a joke that would work for years.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, all of these names are a better choice than the name that was just removed in the last two years. It was long overdue to give the team a better and improved name.