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Well, That Tuchel and Chelsea Situation Escalated Quickly

That went from 0 to a 1000 in a hurry.

Thomas Tuchel is no longer the manager of Chelsea F.C, which isn’t really a sentence we thought we’d been writing this early in the season. In fact, that was so far from what fans expected that before the latest match – which Chelsea lost – there were tweets celebrating Tuchel’s 100th game as manager of the club, and hoping for many more.

It’s sad when your tweet reads like a joke just a few hours later, but such is the way of sports.

To be fair, as surprising as it is considering the season has only just started, it’s also not surprising considering how miserable Chelsea has looked. Sure, there’s also a little more patience in soccer than there is in other sports, with teams rarely sacking managers so early into a season, but Chelsea’s showing against Dinamo Zagreb was hard to watch – as basically every game except one, against Tottenham Hotspur. They’d lost three of seven games and rarely looked like they knew what they were playing for.

But this? After seven games? And announced the way it was? Despite what Chelsea would like you to think, this isn’t something that was in the plans for a while, but a knee-jerk reaction.

And truly, it’s probably better for Chelsea to let that be the narrative. Otherwise, they went on a massive spending spree during the summer all to get Tuchel, the coach they had concerns about, the team he wanted. That’s an even worse story than being seen as the team that fired their coach too quickly.

Either way, this is the end for Tuchel, and it’s probably not good news for anyone. Except maybe Christian Pulisic?