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Vin Scully's Greatest Calls

The best to ever do it had some obviously terrific calls. We re-visit some of these and I hope you enjoy them.

Vin Scully has passed and we're all devastated. I wanted to do something a little more fun because I truly believe that Vinny would have wanted us to smile in his memory. Let's see some of his best work.

A Hot Foot Has Been Scheduled

This one will get missed on a lot of these lists. Vin could have as much fun as a child watching baseball, and he made us have that kind of fun, too.

"We shall await further developments" is positively charming. It sounds like he's describing a heist. It has all the excitement of watching "Ocean's 11" for the first time. Nobody could do this like Vin did.

Hank Aaron Becomes The Home Run King

"What a marvelous for the country and the world. A black man is getting a standing ovation in the deep south for breaking a record of an all-time baseball idol."

In 2022, this quote may seem out of place or jarring. In 1974, this call was perfect and touching. Many announcers may have ignored that elephant in the room, but Vinny did not. He touched with the grace that only he could. Just beautiful.

The Poet Laureate On Pot Hole 14

I don't even know how to describe a call this good. I am not the world's biggest golf fan, but I was riveted by this call. "Now pull up a chair and take a look at the agony of a gentleman.." and it only gets better from there. I have no words. Just watch it.

It won't let me embed the video, but I can assure you the link is safe.

Larsen's Perfect Game Game 5 1956

1956? It is easy to lose the scope of just how long Vinny was in the game. The 1956 World Series? My father was not even born yet.

Two Goats: Sandy And Vinny

The Dodgers sure have a wonderful legacy of left-handers with arms given to them by the Gods. First Sandy Koufax and his perfect game in 1965, and then...

Fernando Gets His No-Hitter

I mean how did he do this? "If you have a sombrero, throw it to the sky!" It does not get any better than that. That was not the last legendary lefty who threw a no-hitter during a Vin Scully game...

Kershaw's No-Hitter

Just watch this entire video. No words (and no hits baby) do it justice.


One of the most monumental moments in baseball history catches Vinny off guard. His call is so sublime and makes the moment where the shocking part happens even more shocking. "beHIND THE BAG!"

Charlie Culberson Sends Vinny Off In Style

Clinching the NL West in Vinny's last game at Dodger Stadium on a walk-off home run? YOU BET. It's perfection, again.

Football, Too? "The Catch"

One of the most iconic NFL moments, too? Vinny had everything on lock. One of the classics from Joe Montana's hall of fame career, Scully calls it beautifully. Since the NFL is run by ghouls and keeps blocking embed videos, the link is here.

The One You've Been Waiting For

This is possibly (no, definitely) the greatest sports moment of all time and Vinny was at his best. The words he did say were poetic, genuine, and pulled at heartstrings. The silence he employed after calling what happened is possibly the most genius part of this call. He lets the Dodger Stadium crowd make the moment special, and that is what made Vinny the greatest of all time.

Last Thoughts

Were there any Vin Scully moments you thought belonged on this list? In his 67-year career, there were thousands and I am sure many close to people's hearts that I did not include. Let us know on Twitter at @EnFuegoNow or @AJontheguitar.

We miss you, Vinny.