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Umpire Ron Kulpa Continues To Make It About Himself

Umpire meltdown city, population one.

Imagine a setting during an MLB game where the managers from both teams get ejected during the same on-the-field issue. Imagine no more. Enter the world's most "make it about me" umpire, Ron Kulpa.


This video does a great job of breaking down what happens. I will trust that you watched it and move on. Kulpa gets the first choice wrong by not allowing Terry Francona to argue that the pitch hit his batter. After the umpiring crew (who makes it worse by being the most unsure umpire crew I have ever seen) upsets Francona, Kulpa does the only thing he did right during this by giving Francona a little leeway before tossing him.

It seems to me that Kulpa gets angry as those around him get angry. Not a recipe for a good umpire. Once Kulpa tosses Francona, his water is boiling and it never stops. Ryan Tepera asks for a few warmup pitches, which is not an unreasonable request. The delay lasted nearly five minutes. At this point, Kulpa has the attitude of a power-drunk man. Tepera is lucky he was not tossed. Once Phil Nevin came out to argue the point, it was over. Kulpa was ready to toss everyone who did not do exactly what he wanted them to do.

At least the fans got what they paid for—a chance to see the umpires. Wait, that seems wrong. Everyone is human, but this is not Kulpa's first ejection rodeo.

"I Can Do Anything I Want!"

MLB has had a problem in Kulpa for a while now. Here is a clip from 2019.

After watching both of these clips, it has to be clear to anyone that Kulpa has a problem. He looks for fights and arguments instead of trying to call the game. Kulpa has all the energy of a bad police officer trying to instigate. MLB needs to do something about him.

He needs to issue a Mea Kulpa.