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Top-10 Worst Jerseys of the 2022 World Cup

They only had one job, and they screwed up.

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is approaching and all the jerseys of the 32 teams have already been unveiled. Let's take a look at the 10 ugliest ones, which we will unfortunately see for a month.

10. Iran (Away)

We never expected much from an Iran jersey in a World Cup, and as usual, they did not disappoint us in 2022. The Merooj brand produced a uniform with some degraded flashes, combining the colors of their flag. They could have done better, as Adidas did in 2018.

9. Switzerland (Away)

This is not the first Puma-branded shirt you will see in this ranking, because the German label wanted to break out of the mold, and did it badly. Is this a calendar on the chest? Terrible.

8. England

There is no need to reinvent England; its pure white color has always shown class and elegance. What is that gradient on the shoulders, a laundry soap sponsor?

7. Brazil (Away)

Another team that did not need to reinvent itself, Brazil, the maximum world champion, had always shown good uniforms until now. Their away version has something like green bacteria on the shoulders and arms. Why? The full blue has always worked.

6. Serbia

Puma made sure that Serbia's jersey looked like that of a Sunday League Football team. An ungraceful white, with a gold figure on the belly. It's all to look like a cheap shirt.

5. Belgium

It's rare that Adidas does a bad job designing jerseys for a World Cup, but this Belgium one went over the top. Yes, we understand they're called the "Red Devils," but why the Hot Wheels-style fire?

4. Senegal

Another aberration to football, this time with a figure whose meaning is not understood in the abdomen. They didn't know whether to use the flag, the crest, or the team's nickname, so they decided to put all three below their logo.

3. Argentina (Away)

You have to do it very badly to damage a traditionally beautiful Argentina jersey, but this time, Adidas scored an own-goal. If Belgium looked bad with the fire on their jersey, what made them think that a blue-purple flame would look good on Argentina? Please stop.

2. Ghana (Away)

Another homage to a calendar, because there is no other explanation. Puma did it all wrong by basing their designs on a large geometric figure in the center of the jersey. It makes the players look like runners in a marathon.

1. Portugal

Portugal was not so difficult, just use the traditional wine color with some details in green or gold, but no, Nike wanted to go further. Unless watermelon is the official fruit of Portugal, the jersey bathed diagonally in green makes no sense.