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Tony Romo Hot Mic Moment and More NSFW Hilarity

Hot mics pick up a lot.

As it turns out, it is not just kids who say the darndest things. As technology has improved over the past few decades, everything fans can see and hear on the field improves as well. That is not always a good thing. Before I share this link, it is very NSFW, folks. Tony Romo was the color announcer for the Packers/Patriots game.


Tony Romo's cover of this loud curse word is honestly hilarious. I will say this about Tony Romo—he is the biggest goober who has ever goobered, and I say that as a compliment. He has such a fun personality as a commentator. Perhaps this is just me who feels this way, but too many sports announcers are a little robotic. It is okay to have some fun with the job. Bad announcing detracts from a game, I don't care what anyone says. Romo is great fun and I would watch him announce a football game any time. Romo's funny gab about this reminded me of the 2020 MLB season. There were no fans, and you could hear everything. I mean everything.

2020 MLB Expletive

Again I have to warn you. This clip is NSFW. Use your headphones. From 2020, in this clip, Joc Pederson swings at a pitch a mile out of the zone. After Joe Davis (the best in the business) coyly asks Pederson where is going, Joc...lets out his frustration.

The "blehhhh" is what gets me every time.

Last Thought

I know these sports are family events, but the fact of the matter is that these are grown men playing a frustrating game. They are going to curse now and again. Teach your kids well, folks!