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Tom Brady Continues To Make Max Kellerman's Hot Take The Worst In Sports History

As Tom Brady nears 45, the NFL's GOAT continues to be immune to hot takes about his legacy and longevity

The world of sports and how those sports are covered in the media have changed drastically over the last two decades or so. Traditionally, the media would report news from the outcome of games with the occasional spicy sound bite from the locker room. Now, it's all about the hot take and debates that get sparked from it.

Arguably this new media style became mainstream and a daily occurrence due to Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless battling back and forth on ESPN's First Take. So naturally, people started to love watching these two outspoken talking heads rip each other apart on their show, but they were rarely taken seriously.

Fast forward to today; it's all about hot takes. Hot takes have become so popular that even the athletes get involved and create even more of a stir on social media or appear as guests on shows or podcasts to share their opinions. It has become a big business fueled by social media and ratings. It's even being parodied on Saturday Night Live for how ridiculous it is.

With the hot-take movement in media becoming such big business, shows are airing daily on every sports network. Of course, everyone has a hot take, and even former athletes transitioned into this world to become so-called analysts like Kendrick Perkins, Jalen Rose, Marcellus Wiley and Shannon Sharpe, to name a few.

Now that former athletes are taking a lot of these jobs, the hot takes from others have gone to a crazy level of insanity. ESPN's Max Kellerman is the perfect example of this. Kellerman has been around for quite some time and made a name for himself in the boxing world but then hopped into this arena where frankly, he doesn't know jack or at least pretends to know what he's talking about regarding sports like football and basketball.

Six years ago, Kellerman had perhaps his worst take of all and was immediately called out by his colleague Stephen A. The conversation or hot take was about Tom Brady, who was still with the New England Patriots at the time with four Super Bowl titles to his credit.

There was a lot of debate about whether the Patriots should turn to Jimmy Garoppolo and part ways with Brady. The superstar quarterback was in his late 30s, with Garoppolo being the successor in waiting. It was a legitimate conversation with quarterbacks not fairing well as they approach 40 and the Patriots having a reputation for getting rid of stars before they start to decline.

However, this is Brady we're talking about. Back then, Brady made a case for being the greatest quarterback of all time, especially after matching his childhood idol Joe Montana with four rings.

In 2022, it's hard to make a case that Brady isn't the greatest NFL player of all time, as he went on to win three more Super Bowl titles and is in contention to win another in his third and potentially final season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Of all the athletes in professional sports, Kellerman chooses to go after someone that has defied the odds ever since being drafted 199th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft. Brady is by far the worst athlete to target with hot takes, and this is coming from a lifelong Raiders fan devastated by the Tuck Rule.

With Brady adding three more trophies to his collection and still going strong at soon-to-be 45 years old, Kellerman's hot take goes down as the G.O.A.T. of bad takes.