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Tiger Woods Is The One Golfer Who Can Afford to Say No to LIV Golf

Tiger Woods is rich enough to put his legacy over a big payday, which is good for the PGA Tour.

Tiger Wood was offered a contract in the $700-800$ million range to jump from the PGA Tour to the LIV Golf Invitational Series. But Tiger Woods has enough money he can say no to that and continue focusing on his legacy, which says less about how much he cares about legacy than it does about how much money he already has.

Consider how much money that is, and how it could change so many lives. Then think about how someone can value their legacy – whatever you want to define that as, over that amount of money. It speaks to Tiger’s commitment to the PGA, of course, but it also speaks to the fortune he has already amassed, $1.7 billion. A younger, lesser-known athlete might not be in a position where they could have said no. But of course, a younger, lesser-known athlete wouldn’t have gotten that offer in the first place.

How can LIV Golf afford this kind of money? Well, they are backed financially by the Saudi government, which should be a red flag for anyone considering the history of human rights violations and the accusations of sportswashing. That, however, hasn’t stopped players the likes of Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Keopka from defecting from the PGA Tour and taking that big paycheck.

If it were only about the money, we might feel inclined to say we don’t blame them. But considering where that money is coming from and what it means for the sport to see its best players divided in this way – the PGA Tour has suspended all players, current or future, who choose to join the LIV Golf Series, meaning they can’t play in PGA Tour events – we are actually on Tiger’s side here.

Even if his side is basically like I have enough money that this doesn’t even tempt me. Wood is, after all, arguably the greatest golfer who has played the game, and outside of the green, he’s also the man who inspired an entire generation to watch, love and play golf – all because they wanted to be like Tiger. His mark on the game is unlikely to be matched anytime soon, and the fact that he wants to remain on the PGA Tour is great news for the tour and just another roadblock for LIV Golf.