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Tiger Woods Emotional In Likely His Final Walk Up 18

An emotional day for Tiger Woods as his struggles make him miss the cut at Andrews.

Tiger Woods is an icon. Woods is a legend. His name is the same as "Michael Jordan." When you think of basketball, you think of Jordan. When you think of golf, you think of Woods.

Woods made his return to major championship play after skipping last month’s U.S. Open, and on Thursday, he uh...stunk. He could not make up the difference on Friday. Overall, Woods shot a 3-over 75 in the second round, finishing with a score of 9-over 153 for the tournament. Not good enough.

This meant the unthinkable.

Woods waved goodbye to St. Andrews for possibly the last time.

Woods was once a golfer who people predicted would still be competing at a phenomenally high level into his 50s. 

Alas, he is human. He still has a healing right leg, ankle, and foot, that were damaged in a car accident in February 2021. It's nothing short of inspiring that Woods was playing golf at this level, so soon, at all.

“I’ll be able to play future British Opens, yes, but eight years’ time, I doubt if I’ll be competitive at this level. It’s a struggle just playing the three events I played this year. That in itself was something I’m very proud of. I was able to play these three events, considering what has transpired."

Woods was honest—he may be done with high-competition golfing like this. This thought made the ovations he received from the crowd even more meaningful for him, per the Washington Post.

“The people knew that I wasn’t going to make the cut at the number I was. But the ovations got louder as I was coming home. And that to me was, it felt, just the respect. I’ve always respected this event. I’ve always respected the traditions of the game. I put my heart and soul into this event over the years.”

Final Thoughts

This feels like it did when Michael Jordan's 98' Bulls were in the Eastern Conference Finals. Every series, everyone wondered the same thing. "Is this it?" Jordan had a lot more basketball, youth, and few injuries than Woods does. The thought has to be said aloud...

is this it for Tiger Woods? Say it isn't so.