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This Meaningless MLB Day Game Had Some Wild Plays

The Pirates and Marlins may be near the bottom of their respective divisions but that doesn't mean they aren't fun to watch.

Let's just call it what it is. The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Miami Marlins aren't good teams. They are both under .500 and almost certainly will not be in the hunt for their divisions, barring some absurd confluence of events. The Marlins have good pitching and are fighting to have more wins than losses, but that is also unlikely.

That doesn't mean these teams aren't fun to watch, though. Every team has at least a few players who are exciting and the Marlins and Pirates are not an exception. Also—it's baseball. Something exhilarating can happen at any time. Take this play for example.

Hamilton getting injured is not exciting but watching him run sure is. Hamilton has always had some of the best wheels in baseball, he's just never been great with the bat. If you watch the replay carefully (and some comments have some compelling screenshots) it does appear he was able to get his hand in under the catcher.

By the way, I've been watching baseball my entire life and I am still confused. I thought catchers could not block the plate until they had the ball? Whatever I digress. This play wasn't the only exciting moment during this game.

Oneil Cruz is fast becoming must-watch baseball. He's a 6'7 shortstop. That ought to give anyone pause (or a short stop haha sorry) to begin with. He's also a terrific baseball player with a cannon for an arm.

The fastest throw by an infielder since statcast, you say? Put the Pirates on your tivo (is that still a thing?) or watchlist. They're a fun bunch.