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The Warriors Were Not Underdogs, But They Were Doubted

The Warriors are the 2021-22 NBA Champions. Nobody picked the Warriors to win a championship before the season started.

Quick Game Six Breakdown

The Golden State Warriors are your NBA 2021-22 Champions. The Boston Celtics were technically the "underdog" in the NBA Finals. Steph Curry dropped 34 points with 7 rebounds and 7 assists, and he took home the NBA Finals MVP award. Klay Thompson did not have the "Game Six Klay" game we were expecting, but it didn't matter. Jordan Poole added 15 points in 18 minutes. Andrew Wiggins had 18. 

The Celtics had 22 turnovers. Jaylen Brown had a great game, scoring 34 points on 12-23 shooting. Jayson Tatum did not have a good game, scoring 13 points on 6-18 shots. Marcus Smart added 9 points, 9 assists, and 2 flops. The Celtics just crumbled under pressure when the time came. The Warriors also knew it was time to lower the boom and Stephen Curry added the Mike Breen "BANG!"

Steph Curry Gets Petty

It's been said that there is no motivator like spite or pettiness. When Curry was given a four-year, $215 million contract back in August, the pundits were not kind. Curry remembered and made sure to tell the world that he remembered.

On the day Curry was re-signed to that huge contract, Warriors GM said Bob Myers said this.

“He epitomizes everything that you’d want in the leader of your basketball team with incredible character, humility, community-minded spirit and a team-oriented approach. On the court, he’s a generational player who has changed the game and won consistently at the highest level.”

Those words proved prophetic on every level. Curry was fantastic in every game this series except for maybe game 5. In game 6, he was brilliant and petty.

Curry didn't hide that this one meant more.

“That’s why I have so many emotions, and still will, just because of what it took to get back here. And the fact that when we started this season, the conversations about who we were as a team and what we were capable of, clearly remember some experts and talking heads putting up the big zero of how many championships we would have going forward because of everything that we went through."

Winning another championship without Kevin Durant cements Curry's already cemented legacy into the rafters of the NBA greats. That's four total titles for Curry, two without Durant.

Warriors Indeed

The Warriors had no Kevin Durant to hit much-needed shots over any defender. Klay Thompson hasn't acquired all of the magic back that he once had. Andre Iguodala is old. This Warriors team won with toughness, a generational talent, some excellent role players, and the coaching of Steve Kerr. The Warriors played generational defense better than one of the most statistically sound defensive teams in recent memory. 

Last Thoughts

The Warriors finished off the Celtics in Boston, which was sweeter for Golden State and Petty Curry. The Warriors are only the second opposing team to clinch a title in Boston, after the 1985 Los Angeles Lakers. The scary part of this outcome is that with a few roster changes and growth—The Warriors can win two more titles. This is a dynasty that will die nasty.