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The Warriors Are Getting Hot At The Right Time

The playoffs are here and the Warriors are ready for war.

A lot of teams get to the playoffs limping. You can put the Warriors in another category. The Warriors are storming through the playoffs with a commanding 2-0 lead over the Denver Nuggets and reigning MVP Nikola Jokic. 

How Are They Doing It?

Klay Thompson

Basketball is a team game for sure, but those individual players make a full team. Klay Thompson has had enough time on the floor and in-game experience after his injury that he's feeling it. He's in the groove. He's dropped 19 and 21 points in games 1 and 2 on 44% shooting from beyond the arc.

Jordan Poole

The biggest contributor has been Jordan Poole who has averaged 29.5 points in two games. Not just scoring, but finding the right man. Poole joined Wilt Chamberlain as the only two players in franchise history with 25 points in each of their first two career playoff games.

Has a third splash brother entered the Poole? Yes. I've been saving that joke for a while now. He's shooting 58% from beyond the arc in the first two games and 65% overall from the floor. That's Shaquille O'Neal type of efficiency. 

Stephen Curry

Did we forget about former MVP and the greatest shooter of all time? I think we did. Stephen Curry had been out with an injury since mid-March. So in this series, he's come off the bench. Wait--did we say come off the bench? That's right. Curry has been coming off the bench in this series. Can you imagine your team being so confident that the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA can be coming off your bench? He had a fairly quiet Game 1, scoring 16 points in 22 minutes. In Game 2, he erupted for 34 points and looked like the Steph Curry who won two MVPs. He had a +32 in the box score and shot 5-10 from outside and 12-17 overall. That means the only shots he missed were from beyond the arc. That's a 71% shooting percentage, the highest playoff percentage of his career in the playoffs.

"There was a little pep in my step and the body felt good. You make certain shots, feels a little bit different and more normal and more emotion comes out, especially with that layoff. It was a nice feeling."

Draymond Green was also impressed with his teammate Curry's explosion.

"He was incredible. He just kept driving, and I think that broke their defense. Once he did that, you've got him into the paint kicking out and flying back off for 3s. That's when Steph is at his most dangerous -- off the ball. The way he came in and settled our offense, it's what you expect from Steph. ... To be plus-32 in 23 minutes, it doesn't get much better than that."

Last Thoughts

Jokic and the Nuggets were primed to have a deep playoff run. Running into the buzzsaw that is this Warriors team has put a big wrench in that narrative. Can the Nuggets adjust? Or are they destined to be a bridesmaid again in the 2022 playoffs? Game three is on Thursday night.