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The Trade Deadline is Coming, And Everything (Nothing) Makes Sense

Who's moving where? No one knows.

The MLB trade deadline is only a few days away, which means it’s just the perfect time for the most ludicrous rumors. As always, some of them will end up coming true, leaving us to wonder what in the world happened, while others will be proven wrong and fade away from our memories. But, considering the strange stuff that has happened in the past, it’s hard to dismiss any and all possibilities going into the weekend.

So, let’s examine the rumblings around the MLB trade deadline, which is officially August 2nd, at 6:PM ET.

Is Juan Soto Getting Traded?

Juan Soto’s potential trade is the biggest news in baseball right now, and the funniest thing about it is that it might not happen. The Nationals are rightfully asking for everything and the kitchen sink in exchange for Soto, and they have no reason to give him up if they don’t get what they want. He might be worth less in the offseason, but that’s probably a chance the Nationals are willing to take, all things considered.

However, if Soto is going somewhere, the biggest contenders seem to be the Padres, Cardinals, Dodgers and Rangers. Of course, we all thought the Padres were going to get Max Scherzer last year, and that didn’t happen. But if we can, let’s imagine the Padres actually getting Soto and both him and Manny Machado in the same lineup with Fernando Tatis Jr. when he’s finally healthy. Now, that would be something.

An Ohtani Deal Seems Unlikely, But Not Impossible

The Los Angeles Angels are said to be listening to offers for Shohei Ohtani, though that doesn’t mean they’re desperate to trade him. However, just the fact that they’re listening might be news for some teams, and stranger things than someone managing to put together a deal to entice them to trade have happened. But this is probably not very high on the list of things that will happen – at least not unless Juan Soto is traded tomorrow.

What does Ohtani have to do with Soto? Well, considering Ohtani is basically a pitcher who can hit – and when we say can hit, we don’t mean well for a pitcher, we mean he can actually hit – the Angels will probably be looking at getting more for him than the Nationals got for Soto. That means they’d have to wait for that trade to happen first.

The Yankees Are Interested In A Big Trade, No One’s Surprised

The New York Yankees were the best team in baseball in the first half, but now they’re coming back down to Earth and other teams are catching up. That was, of course, to be expected, no one can sustain the winning percentage the Yankees had early in the season. But just as that was to be expected, maybe we should have all expected the Yankees' reaction to just playing good, not out-of-this-world baseball, which is …throw money at the problem.

So who is their number one target? Reds All-Star starting pitcher Luis Castillo. But then again, every team looking for pitching has Castillo in its sights, and the Reds know it, which is why they will probably hold on till as close to the deadline as possible. This means the Castillo question is now: can anyone outbid the Yankees?

With Ohtani and Soto and other previously steadfast players possibly on the move, things are insane. But, then again, they completely make sense.