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The Boston Red Sox Are Spectacularly Horrible

The Boston Red Sox have proven in July that they are not a playoff ready team.

The Boston Red Sox reek. They're 1-9 in their last 10 games. On Friday night, the Blue Jays put the Red Sox on a gravestone with a 28-5 beatdown at Fenway Park. Their opponents, the Blue Jays, were having so much fun burying the Red Sox that they started making cocktails in the dugout.

Yeah, a 28-5 loss. Not even Tom Brady could have rescued the New England team from that deficit. That's a football score. Those three games against the Blue Jays had, statistically, the worst baseball played in over a century.

July Blues

The Red Sox are 5-15 in July so far. Their overall run differential in that period is abysmal. The worst part of skids like these is that a lot of this could have been avoided, or at least partially. Sometimes bats go cold, and pitching staffs get tired or smacked around a little. When your defense suddenly forgets how to play baseball, that's another problem entirely. Watch this video and maybe put the Benny Hill music in the background. It's that bad.

The abysmal July the Red Sox are having has slipped them all the way down to a .500 record. They're currently 4th in the American League East. The "lowly" Baltimore Orioles have been playing much better baseball and are only a game behind them now. In the blink of an eye, the Red Sox have gone from a playoff team to being dangerously close to last place in their division.

There's dark humor in the fact that during this same stretch, the Red Sox's most beloved clutch hitter was enshrined at Cooperstown, entering the MLB Hall of Fame. Hopefully, David Ortiz has been too busy with the hall of fame process and induction to have seen his former team playing like this. Hopefully, Ortiz hasn't seen the desperate levels of coping that Red Sox fans on social media have clung to during this skid. I mean, what is this?

Sell Or Go All In?

Here's the thing. The Red Sox have been terrible and by all accounts are not going to improve, but they're also only three games out of the top wild-card spot. There are, however, five teams above them in that race. The Blue Jays, Rays, Mariners, Guardians, and White Sox are all doing better than the Sox, but the race is close. The Blue Jays have that top spot and are five games up on them. Five games is a lot, but the Sox also play a lot of games against at least a few of those teams on the list. Sweep those games, and this is turned upside down.

The thing is, should they? The teams listed above have better rosters than the Red Sox do. Were the Red Sox good earlier in the year, or were they outperforming their metrics? There's an expression called "regression to the mean" and boy have the Red Sox regressed historically. There are whispers of trading off their big names like JD Martinez. The DH is now active in both leagues, and a DH like JD Martinez has a lot of value to a lot of playoff teams still in the hunt.

At this point, the Boston Red Sox have to seriously consider selling. They've sold off much more valuable players than Martinez in the past just to get a few players back...