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The Pirates Bullpen Has an Adorable Garden

Living their best lives, the Pittsburgh Pirates have a full garden in their bullpen.

The Pirates are 40-56 and are well out of playoff contention. That's okay. Pirates and their fans can at least enjoy baseball for the summer, their young hotshot player Oneil Cruz, and apparently a garden in their bullpen.

Let's be real. Even if the Pirates were world-beaters in the NL Central, being a reliever can be a bit dull sometimes. When you get the call to warm up, you have to slowly warm up your arm and then the adrenaline goes 100% while you pitch an inning, maybe two. You've got to pass the time somehow! Why not use the beautiful extra real estate inside of PNC park to up your green thumb game?

In my limited knowledge of horticulture, I can deduce just a little. The banana peppers are obvious but it also looks like Cucurbitaceae of some kind, I'm guessing squash or cucumbers. If anyone feels they know for sure, feel free to tell us at @EnFuegoNow on social media.

The Pirates may miss the playoffs in 2022 (and 2023, let's be honest) but making the best of their situation with hobbies and shenanigans is exactly the kind of thing their fans will appreciate. If your team isn't good, at least have some fun. That's becoming a rarer mentality these days, but accepting the statistical reality that not every team can be good will help your overall mental health as a fan and as a player.

If I were the Pirates, I might invest in some kind of citrus fruits like oranges or berries, as being a Pirate has a high rate of scurvy! (Boooooooo)