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The Marlins Make Long-Overdue MLB History

Yes, it is 2022 and yes, this is the first time this has happened.

It truly has been a long time coming. And though the Miami Marlins promoting Caroline O’Connor to President of Business Operations is indeed news – and positive ones at that, perhaps the biggest takeaway from their decision is that we now have to contemplate the fact that her promotion will make the Marlins the first U.S. major sports franchise to have women serving simultaneously as president and general manager.

Yes, if you checked the date, it is indeed 2022 and the fact that this is the first time it has happened is kinda …sad. It feels like we should be celebrating, while also judging each other and MLB in general and hoping this is not an exception, but on its what to becoming the rule.

Not that those considerations take away from Caroline O’Connor, just the second woman to serve as President of a Major League Baseball team, with Seattle’s Catie Griggs the other. She has served as senior VP and chief of staff as well as COO of the team, which makes her perfectly suited for the position.

The move will see Kim Ng, the Marlins general manager handle the on-field business, while O’Connor, as the new President of Business Operations, will handle the off-field business for the team. Good news for the Marlins, and good news for baseball …but also, not nearly enough. What will be worth celebrating will be MLB getting to a point where we don’t really have to celebrate every woman getting a leadership position because that has become as much the norm as men getting those jobs.