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The Detroit Tigers Had A Bad Day At The Office

This is one that's so bad, you have to laugh. The Tigers didn't laugh so much, though.

I remember a lot of disastrous plays from when I played baseball in Little League, even a few from high school. I remember the ones that I was directly involved in or caused. It helped me think of my favorite baserunning blunder in MLB I have ever seen. Jon Miller's commentary here is hysterical. "That was the worst baserunning in the history of the game!"

The Detroit Tigers

I digress. Lucky for us all, 2022 has brought us a delicious blooper. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Detroit Tigers.

This was like watching hot potato as both teams try to hand a win to the other one. It starts with Robbie Grossman misplaying a ball and arguably committing an error. That's mistake number one. 

Then there's a slightly awkward relay but the catcher just manages to corral the throw. Then the Twins decide to make a blunder of their own, as the runner on first, for reasons passing understanding, runs as fast as he can to second base. He must have seen his teammate standing directly on the bag. It's hysterical. This forced the runner at second to run to third, where the runner on third was about to be the sacrificial lamb. The runner on third was smart enough to stay put (because even if one runner gets tagged on this preposterous play, he'd still be on third as the tying run) and then it happens.

The Tigers catcher sails a throw over the third baseman's head. He must have thought Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was covering third. This throw could not have been thrown more perfectly for the Twins. It sails into no-mans-land in left field allowing the tying and winning runs to score.

All that's missing is the Benny Hill music.