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The Dallas Cowboys Lost and Stephen A. Smith Was Next Level

People love seeing the Dallas Cowboys choke in the playoffs. Nobody likes seeing it more than Stephen A. Smith.

NFL's Wild Card Weekend was...okay this is too was a wild one. The Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers came out winners. Only one of these games had a margin of victory of fewer than 16 points, and obviously, that game was the most interesting. 

Cowboy Schadenfreude

Teams with big fan bases like the Dallas Cowboys are often the biggest targets of people reveling in their loss. Sunday night was no exception. 

Ah yes, the Alicia Keys classic.

Sports Illustrated correctly pointed out that the worst part of the Cowboys' loss was their insistence on blaming the NFL refereeing instead of their performance.

After the game ended, Cowboys fans were seen throwing trash onto the field, apparently aiming for the referees. Let's put it all out on the table. 

There have been games I have seen where I definitely blamed the refereeing/officiating/umpires. And there were absolutely some questionable calls from the officiating crew on Sunday night. In no way does it make it okay for the fans to throw trash onto the field, much less trying to throw it at referees. If Cowboy fans want anyone to have sympathy for potential officiating issues, perhaps they should consider their behavior.

Stephen Does Dallas

Everyone knew this was coming but it was hilarious anyway. Let's take a look at Stephen A Smith's house after the Dallas Cowboys lost.

After about 10 seconds of cackling that could make The Joker frightened, Smith managed to say this under all his glee.

"Didn't I tell you? All year long when everybody was raving about those boys in big D, what did your boy Stephen A say? They ain't even gonna win a playoff game. And sure enough, right on schedule, right when it really, really counted, they crashed like a cheap tent in inclement weather! All I gotta say is two things. How about them Cowboys? See you on "First Take" tomorrow!"

If you have the means, watch the video instead of just reading the quote. As many know, Smith's delivery always outperforms the words.

Speaking of Smith's show, "First Take." Did Smith hold back on reveling in Cowboy fans misery? We already know the answer, but watch this.

Smith is in the entertainment business. As much as I want to take a shot at how lowbrow this is, I can't deny it. It's hilarious. 

If Smith is going to take all the smoke for the disastrous state of his New York Knicks, he's going to enjoy the Cowboys' loss. It's not like Smith dressed up in a Cowboy hat, with generic cowboy music in the background, just to revel in Cowboy fan mourning. Wait...He did.

Who's To Blame

Not being able to run one more play before time expired is being blamed on the official. It's also being blamed on Dak Prescott for being unaware that the official had to touch the football before the play could be started. 

One could also blame the play calling for not attempting a pass that would stop the clock. The easier target to hit is the Dallas Cowboys organization itself. Prescott is a great quarterback and the team had weapons to make a deep playoff run. The overall organization needs to be better run before they win another Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys have no one to blame but themselves.