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The Crazy Meme Antonio Brown Posted Is Insane Enough To Be True

It might have started as a meme, but did anyone doubt those were Antonio Brown's words?

Here we go again with Antonio Brown. It feels like it’s another day, another head-scratching post or piece of news when it comes to the very famous and very much a free agent wide receiver. Which is why, if we’re being honest, no one should really be surprised to see this post on Brown’s Twitter account.

Let’s start by making it clear this is actually a meme statement, which originated from the Instagram account @thesportsmemery. It’s supposed to be satire, but considering this is Antonio Brown we’re talking about, how hard is it to believe that he considers his greatest regret to be that he can never watch himself play football live? That’s truly the most Antonio Brown quote ever, which is why it works – and why it fooled so many.

Though, if Antonio Brown re-posted it, does it now count as an Antonio Brown quote? And did he even care about the parts of the post that were intentionally absurd? Perhaps he didn’t notice. More likely he didn’t care. But, in the grand scheme of all Antonio Brown has done or not done, this is merely a blip. At least this time Brown’s just being hilarious instead of destructive, so we should probably count this one as a win.

However, if Brown needs some ideas on what his biggest regret should be, we might just remind him of the time he got into a fight with Ben Rothlisberger and basically quit on the Steelers before their final game of the season, or when he was released by the Buccaneers after he walked off the field following a sideline argument. Not to mention that time he was suspended because he lied about his vaccination status. Just throwing some ideas out there.