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The Cowboys' Season Is Over After Week 1

Usually we have to wait until Thanksgiving for this kind of annual tradition.

Every preseason, Dallas Cowboys fans have the same hope and dreams. "They're going to the Super Bowl." "America's team is going to be relevant again." "We Dem Boyz." By halftime of Week 1, Cowboys nation is already here:

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Tampa bay Buccaneers 19-3 on Sunday Night Football. Even before Dak Prescott's tragic injury departure, the Cowboys' offense looked dry and smothered. (Prescott was injured in the fourth quarter when he hit the hand of outside linebacker Shaq Barrett while throwing a pass.) Despite the injury, this made Prescott 2-5 in season openers for his career. I guess the Cowboys have a habit of being slow starters.

This is what happens when you trade Amari Cooper for a box of cracker jacks. Speaking of Prescott, the prognosis is not positive.

Okay by "not positive" I mean devastating. That is up to eight more games that the Cowboys will be without their franchise quarterback. That's a total of nine games (counting the one they got blown out of on Sunday night) or more than half a season. Cooper Rush, their backup quarterback, will likely take the field in week 2 against the Bengals.

This doesn't seem to induce a lot of confidence from the Cowboys faithful. To be fair, Rush has not had enough experience to call him a complete failure.

Rush won his first career start last year against the Vikings when Prescott was out with a calf strain. He made 7 of 13 passes for 64 yards after taking over for Prescott against Tampa Bay. He threw for 325 yards and two touchdown passes in the 20-16 win against the Vikings.

This was when the Dallas Cowboys did not have a lack of receivers and a sketchy offensive line at the time, though.


For Cowboys fans who want to throw things at me for the headline (I catch things better than your receivers appear to), the blame is pretty easy to find.

I remember there was a "sense of urgency" from Jerry Jones after the Cowboys playoff loss to the 49ers in the playoffs last year. That sense of urgency did not amount to much. It was a wasteful offseason in which they did not improve their roster very much. It was a delicate balance to begin with. With Prescott out 6-8 weeks, this team may not be a .500 team when the season is over. If you want something poetic, I present this piece of information.

"In tonight's 19-3 loss to Buccaneers, the Cowboys had their second-lowest scoring output in a season opener in franchise history. Only one worse? A 28-0 loss to Saints on Sept. 10, 1989, Jerry Jones' first game as team owner."

Last Thoughts

Cowboys schadenfreude is too easy for a lot of us. A team who previously had a lot of success always has a lot of detractors. Hating the Cowboys is a pastime. It just seems a lot more fun to engage in when the team is getting its comeuppance in December, not in week 1. Who knows? Maybe I am wrong and Rush is a stud who leads them to a decent record before Prescott returns. If not, just remember the blame starts at the top.