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The Colorado Rockies City Connect Jerseys Are Dope

Put these in the "W" column because these Rockies jerseys are terrific.

The MLB City Connect jerseys are a divisive topic among fans. It seems a lot of people feel that the ones that properly honor the city have bad colorways or are just ugly. Some of the others (the Dodgers specifically) are nice but lacked some pop or were just a little too plain.

Feast your eyes on the Colorado Rockies City Connect jerseys. 

These are terrific. The description says it all. The white at the top is a fun representation of the snow-covered Rockies at the top of the jersey complements the green below it. The hat gives me 70s Chicago Cubs vibes, which is fun. An underrated detail on the uniform that I like (and wished the Dodgers had done) is the pinstripe on the pants. It breaks up a large amount of green and makes the uniforms feel lived in, as opposed to shoehorned. The white belts also give a good amount of color pop.

Inevitably some people hate them, and that's okay. Some of the comments are people wishing it had been purple instead of green. That's a fair ask of the team, but the purple is what the fans know and hence is therefore familiar. As far as keeping true to the theme—the organization took a nice risk and stuck to it. My favorite comparison in the comments, though, has to be this one.

Regardless of whether you like these jerseys, this comment got me. They do look a little like a box of Newports. The logo on the bottom looks like an upside-down Nike swish, which makes it funnier.

Kudos to the Colorado Rockies. Their City Connect jerseys honor the city where they play, and the organization understood the assignment. If only they applied the same diligence with their free agents.