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That Julio Rodriguez Contract Extension Is A Messy, Complicated Masterstroke By The Mariners

Julio Rodriguez is staying in Seattle for a long time, and that's all that matters.

Julio Rodriguez is going to be with the Seattle Mariners for the next eight years, possibly 14 years. It could even be nearly 20 years, unless it’s less.

Jeff Passan reports Friday on a complicated deal that will solidify the Mariners as having one of the best in baseball for unquestionably a lot of years to come.

As the ESPN reporter broke it down on Twitter, Rodriguez’s deal is for $210 million over 14 years. However, if it reaches its max potential, it could see Rodriguez garnering a gob-smacking amount of money, $470 million, over 18 years.

The deal is incentive-laden on both sides with Rodriguez getting more of the bag if he excels in MVP voting, which a betting man would take the over on at the moment.

The most interesting part from where I’m sitting is when the budding star gets to decide his own fate. Just before he turns 30, he can take a player-option deal for five years and $90 million or test the market as a free agent.

At that point in his career, he will either be driving up the price thanks to a glowing legacy or fall into a deal thanks to the promise he shows now in 2022.

The Mariners made the right call. The outfielder is having what you might call a mad decent year for a rookie.

The 21-year-old made the All-Star team and, in 458 plate appearances, has 23 stolen bases, 20 home runs and 64 RBIs.

While teams like the Nationals have seen their cornerstone bolt for sunnier pastures, Rodriguez will be the foundation in Seattle for a long time.

We just don’t know how much time that might be and for exactly how much.