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Passionate purveyor of punctuated discourse Stephen A. Smith, on Friday, kicked off football proceedings by daring to dabble in a subject he admits he knows little about.

It was awesome.

The ESPN pundit who only speaks in volumes above 11 was tasked with addressing one of the greatest sporting events of the calendar year, Euro 2020.

Rather than shy away, timid in his limited knowledge of world football, he stepped on the gas with the vigor of a sports enthusiast who just wants to root for something right now.

“I’ll admit, I’m a little limited in my knowledge of the beautiful game,” he begins the segment, revving the audience up with the fervor of Dick Vitale being dropped into a Duke mosh pit. “But just like hockey, I’m excited to get into it.”

So, if you are like Smith, eager to watch some dramatic sports ball ensue but don’t yet have a dog in the fight, he has criteria for you.

From having star power to uniforms that don’t induce the gag reflex, you have a recipe for happy and passionate fanaticism this month.