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Russell Wilson Is Getting Hella Roasted

Russ's first game in a Broncos uniform did not go as planned.

Do you remember when I talked up Russell Wilson and how he was going to carve up the Seahawks on his first trip back to Seattle? I sure don't. It never happened. Yeah. The Denver Broncos lost that game, 17-16 on Monday Night Football.

The Seattle faithful booed Russell Wilson upon his return. That is not the best look if we are being honest. During Wilson's tenure in Seattle, he helped lead them to their only Super Bowl title in franchise history. In sports it does not matter a lot of the time, I suppose. The simple narrative is that he left. Fans do not often treat their players like people, more commodities. I digress.

After the loss, the internet was unkind. That's not normal, right? The internet was out for blood.

Russell Gets Roasted

Brace yourselves, here come the memes and roasts. I tried to ignore the more NSFW ones, but some were too funny to omit.

This one did not age well.

Even the Seattle Times went as petty as they could with this piece.

Does He Deserve It?

I don't know. It seems like the Broncos head coach can't Hackett. Sorry terrible pun. The Denver Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett was clueless in Seattle. I can't stop. Okay. Okay. Calm.

The decision to bring a kicker to attempt one of the longest field goals in NFL history instead of letting Russell Wilson try a play on 4th and five is...bewildering at best. There are plenty of Broncos fans already ready to lock the doors to Denver and not let Hackett back in. The bigger question is did he think his kicker was a good choice, or did he not trust Wilson? That's the question.