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The Greatest Trick Rougned Odor Ever Pulled Was This Slide

Odor has a knack for things happening at second base. This time, nobody got punched.

Rougned Odor, for better or worse, will forever be known for his powerful right hook as much as his powerful lefty bat. Odor has always had a powerful bat, though. Odor is the modern prototype for "lots of power, lots of K" for his propensity to hit the ball hard or miss it completely. He's made a solid career of nearly 200 home runs and plus defense.

In a Tuesday game versus the Toronto Blue Jays, Odor showed off some other skills. Check out this slide.

The "evade the tag" slide has been a popular trend in the past decade. Fielders are taught to place the tag right in the path of the body sliding into the base, and runners have tried to avoid that tag for years. We can really credit the integration of replay review for making this more popular. Umpires are also taught to see the ball and the tag and compare it to the arrival of the slide. With replay review, the burden of this gets slightly alleviated for umpires. Check out the slide from this angle.

Pretty terrific slide. Blue Jays shortstop Bo Bichette is immensely talented, but he is not known as a terrific fielder. Odor really caught him off guard on this play.

Odor is not going to win any awards—his strikeout rate has always been preposterously high. The excitement he can bring to a play is showcased so well here, though. The most fortunate thing about this play is that Bichette did not try to tag him too hard. Plays at second base with Odor tend to end acrimoniously.