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Reggie Miller Is Dead On About Ben Simmons

Does Simmons enjoy playing basketball? Reggie Miller points out that Simmons doesn't seem to.

The Nets have been thoroughly trounced by the Boston Celtics through three games. In a 0-3 hole, the Nets' stars of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have been shut down and held down. The good news was that Ben Simmons was slated to make his long-awaited arrival to the team in game three of the series. Scratch that, he was still rehabbing. Then it was announced that he was for sure going to play in game four of the series. Then this crushing injury occurred. 

As For The Nets?

Nets coach Steve Nash could only give a diplomatic response. 

"We can't push him places when you have been out this long. It's got to be something where he is definitely comfortable and ready to play."

This means it is likely that the Nets will have traded their big piece, James Harden, for very little return. Seth Curry is great, but the big name in that trade was a much-maligned Ben Simmons. Harden wasn't working out in Brooklyn so the trade was inevitable, but with the Nets now in a hole, it looms large. This is to say nothing of the fact that a team with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant should be able to win a single game in the playoffs, but that's for another time.

Reggie Sounds Off

If only I could get out of work every time I had a sore back. Reggie Miller had enough, and finally called the Simmons issue what it was. 

We're a society that immediately looks to contradict the opposing points, so let's ask ourselves if Reggie Miller is "that guy." He is. Nobody had a bigger competitive drive than Miller except for maybe 23 in red. Miller was a thin guy on the court but he was fearless. He always wanted the big shot. Miller is as qualified to make this statement as anyone. Before I make a greater point, some of these memes are too good not to share.

We're Past The Point Of Giving Chances

Now look, I understand that playing NBA at the highest level is one of the most difficult things in the world. I understand that playing at the highest level with even the most inane of injuries can be difficult. I also understand that Simmons has had his struggles with mental health and I don't mean to minimize that, either. At this point, however, somebody needed to call it what it was. It's laziness or apathy. There's a story about a player who isn't doing what the coach tells him. The coach starts berating him, "are you stupid or just apathetic?" The player responds with, "I don't know and I don't care."

Simmons doesn't seem to know or care what he's going to do in his NBA career. A slashing point guard who can't shoot the basketball, his prime dwindles with every passing game he chooses not to play. In 2022, we're a little more understanding and forgiving of mental health issues. We should be. After a certain point though, you run out of excuses.