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Read The Green, Tiger Woods Becomes A Billionaire

The greatest golfer ever becomes a billionaire.

Last week we learned LeBron James was the second billionaire athlete after Michael Jordan. This week a third member joins the billionaire athlete club. Forbes estimated that legendary golfer Tiger Woods is now worth a billion dollars.

Not Just On The Course

Forbes estimated that less than 10% of Woods' net worth comes from earnings on the course. His sponsorship and endorsement deals through Nike, TaylorMade, Gatorade, and Monster Energy, have all contributed to the lion's share of his net worth. Woods considers himself to be a businessman and athlete, as his ownership of companies, including PopStroke, a luxury mini-golf organization that has multiple locations in Florida, diversifies his portfolio. 

Comeback Kid

This all comes as big news for Woods, who back in 2009 looked like the typical fallen-from-grace-athlete after a car crash and an ugly divorce had a lot of his sponsorships jumping ship. In 2021, Woods suffered another car crash but he has already recovered and been (sorry for the pun) money on the course. Forbes states that Woods has made $68 million in off-course income since that crash. The $68 million alone would make him the 14th highest-paid athlete in the world.


What distinguishes Tiger Woods from a lot of athletes is that he is a lot like Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is synonymous with the word "basketball." It was the same for Kobe Bryant for a time as well as billionaire LeBron James. It can be argued that more than Jordan or James, "Tiger Woods" is synonymous with golf. He is forever a bigger name than the sport itself. Tiger Woods is back, baby.