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We've Isolated Where MLB Heel Carlos Correa May Be Heading to Next

In a free agency full of shortstops, Correa is certainly a big draw.

We are on the verge of an epic free agency period, where some of the best shortstops in the world will be available. We are talking about Trea Turner, Dansby Swanson, Xander Bogaerts, and, of course, Carlos Correa.

Charismatic and controversial, Carlos Correa is one of the most attractive players on the market, and he will surely hear offers from different teams, including the Twins, his most recent team in 2022.

Who are the candidates to take the Puerto Rican shortstop? Pay attention.

4. Minnesota Twins

Derek Valvey, the Twins' chief operating officer, said in an interview with The Athletic that they will pursue Correa in free agency, and will try to bring him back to Target Field in 2023.

“It’s pretty clear to us he likes us,” Falvey said. “We like him. If there’s a way to find a match, that’s going to be something we’re going to try to explore. We also recognize there’s a market. He deserves a right to figure out what that market looks like. It just might take a little bit of time.”

Correa was one of the Twins' best players in 2022, batting .291 with 152 hits, 22 long balls, and 64 RBIs. No wonder they want to keep the Puerto Rican shortstop.

3. Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles plan to invest heavily this winter, and Carlos Correa could be an important player coming to Baltimore.

There are rumors that the Orioles will at least attempt to negotiate with Correa, who expects a significant salary. The team will be able to pay just over $30M annually, though they are unlikely to be able to outbid other teams with more economic power in free agency.

We should also consider that Mike Elias, the current Orioles general manager, was the Astros' amateur scouting director when Houston signed Correa in 2012.

2. Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are in dire need of an offensive upgrade to their roster, and Carlos Correa is the name of the game. Chicago tried to sign him last year, and they probably won't pass up the opportunity again.

Correa is seeking a long-term contract in excess of $300 million, so the Cubs should make every effort to focus solely on the Puerto Rican shortstop in order to get him.

Renowned journalist Jon Morosi on MLB Network hinted at the possibility of Correa's move to the Cubs: "(Correa)’s overall market value is back to being roughly where it was a year ago, and I look at a team like the Cubs. They’ve always been linked to him in the past a lot. I think the Cubs and Correa will be one of those pairs we’ll probably talk about for weeks to come."

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

If the Dodgers fail to retain Trea Turner (it looks like Turner is leaving), Carlos Correa is the ideal candidate to play in Los Angeles.

Correa is looking for a competitive team, and the Dodgers are one, having won 111 games in the last regular season. While the postseason was a different story, Los Angeles has the makings of a champion and is a serious contender every year.

The Dodgers have the money to sign Correa, in fact, Trea Turner is a more expensive player in free agency, so the team would be freeing up capital while taking one of the most attractive stars on the market.