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Cardinals Managed to Pull Off an Epic Send-Off to Legendary Trio

Rarely can a farewell be as epic as this one.

Albert Pujols, Adam Wainwright, and Yadier Molina, three living legends of the Cardinals and baseball in general, had an epic farewell last Sunday when all three left the field at the same time to a standing ovation.

Yesterday's game was the Cardinals' last at Busch Stadium during the regular season, but more importantly, it was the last home game for the three aforementioned legends.

The fact of getting them out of the field at the same time speaks of the great leadership of manager Oliver Mármol, who has made this team a winning one, with a confirmed presence in the playoffs.

To make the game even more epic on Sunday, Albert Pujols hit his 702nd lifetime home run after blasting a 92.9 mph fastball. It was definitely the best way for "The Machine" to say goodbye to the fans.

While Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina have confirmed their permanent retirements, it remains to be seen if Wainwright will play one more season, although nothing is certain at this time. What is certain is that this legendary trio, as we know it, is saying goodbye to baseball.

The Cardinals will begin their playoff adventure this Friday when they face either the Phillies or the Padres, who remain the National League Wild Cards. The Brewers are two games behind the Phillies but are unlikely to overtake them in the standings.

Pujols, Molina and Wainwright will have one last chance to become champions, something they achieved together in 2006 while wearing the same uniform. Every at-bat and pitch will be enjoyed, as each one could be their last.