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MLB Predictions After Insane Trade Deadline

Trades have been made, teams were shaken up, and divisions changed. What is going to happen now?

The trade deadline has come and passed. Here at En Fuego, we have covered everything we can about it. However, we're not done with discussing the potential ramifications of all these deals. I have some predictions on what is going to happen now that these changes have all been made.

Dodgers Still Win The NL West

The Padres went completely all-in at the trade deadline. They acquired Juan Soto and Josh Bell for the entirety of their farm system. They may still have a few baseballs and coaches left. They also acquired Brandon Drury from the Reds, (who hit a grand slam in his first at-bat for the Padres) and they got Josh Hader from the Brewers to help their bullpen. They're a much better team now, no doubt about it.

The Dodgers still have an 11.5-game lead in the NL West. The Padres and Dodgers play each other 12 more times. If the Dodgers were floundering, I would say that there was a small chance in the stars that the Padres make up the distance. The Dodgers have been one of the hottest teams in the majors right now. Even with a slightly harder schedule to finish out the season, I don't see the NL West going to San Diego.

Not in 2022.

The Twins Run Away With The Al Central

I am not sure what else to say. The White Sox were supposed to be world-beaters in the AL Central and they haven't been. They're a middling .500 team but they are only two games back of the Twins. What did they do at the deadline? They acquired Jake Diekman. Diekman is a barely above-average reliever. The Sox did nothing to address their inconsistent offense. I have seen the anger of White Sox fans. They're understandably upset.

The Twins acquired Tyler Mahle, Jorge López, and Michael Fulmer. Mahle is a good third pitcher and a guy who eats innings like crazy. Jorge Lopez may be the best reliever acquired by any team at the deadline, and Fulmer is another great "fireman" coming out of the bullpen. The Twins have the seventh-best OPS in the majors but they also had the 19th-best team ERA. Adding a good starter (who is capable of being an elite starter) and two good bullpen pieces ought to fix that.

By the way, know who else was quiet at the trade deadline? The second place Cleveland Guardians. Congratulations, Twins. Good luck beating the Astros or Yankees.

The NL East Will Be A Bloodbath

The New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, and Philadelphia Phillies all made moves. The Mets made the least impactful moves, but good moves nonetheless. They acquired two platoon bats and Mychal Givens, a really good bullpen arm. Let's be honest. The best move the Mets made was activating Jacob deGrom.

The Braves acquired Angels closer Raisel Iglesias to help back up Kenley Jansen in the bullpen. They also acquired Robbie Grossman and Jake Odorizzi. Odorizzi has been impressive this season and Grossman gives them another good bench bat. They also made a few smaller moves to boost their farm system and their depth. The Braves are only three and a half games back of the Mets and they could honestly catch up.

The Phillies are 10 games back in the division but are solidly in the wild card hunt. They acquired Noah Syndergaard who could improve with a change of scenery. They also acquired Brandon Marsh and Edmundo Sosa. These guys don't hit well but they are excellent with the glove—something the Phillies desperately need. They also acquired David Robertson from the Chicago Cubs. He's a good closer who borders on being elite. This was their best move by far. They're not going to catch the Mets, but this could lock up a Wild Card spot and then in a playoff series, anything can happen.

They should be getting back the reigning MVP Bryce Harper in a few weeks, too.

Last Thoughts

Are there any predictions that I missed? If you want to argue with me I am open to it. Let me know on Twitter at @EnFuegoNow or @AJontheguitar.

Let's do this, MLB.