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If Anyone Can Save The PGA Tour, It’s Probably Tiger Woods

Help them Tiger Woods, you're their only hope.

The PGA Tour is struggling a bit, that much is true. It’s not a catastrophe yet, but the LIV Golf series has stolen some of the tour’s biggest names. Not Tiger Woods, though, arguably still the biggest name in golf. But they tried, offering him an exorbitant amount to defect.

Woods, however, isn’t leaving the PGA Tour. And not content with staying, he’s fighting back …as much as a golfer can actually fight against a golf association. And he’s recruiting some of the biggest names still playing on the PGA Tour to help him do so – via a meeting of some of the biggest names in the sport who still remain on the PGA Tour.

It’s as good an idea as any because if anything can save the PGA Tour at this point it's unity. Well, that and Tiger Woods. 

The LIV Golf series is not yet recognized by the Official World Golf Ranking, and there’s been a lot of controversy behind it. But LIV Golf has already submitted its application for OWGR recognition, and if they get it, the game could change for a lot of players who might be considering whether the monetary appeal of the LIV Golf is worth it. After all, the OWGR points are used to determine the fields for the four majors, so if they’re in play in LIV Golf, well …things are not looking that great for the PGA Tour.

The meeting, however, isn’t about the OWGR points. It’s about Woods rallying the troops, so to speak. He’s the most suited to do so, not only is he, well, Tiger Woods, but he also reportedly turned down an offer between $700 to $800 million to join LIV Golf. That is the kind of money most golfers will never see. Not that Woods is most golfers, as his net worth is above that.

Whether the PGA Tour can survive the LIV Golf onslaught remains to be seen. But when it comes to attracting viewers, the fact that the PGA Tour has managed to retain Tiger Woods gives it an upper hand. Golf has had its ups and downs, but it’s undeniable that Tiger Woods made it a more popular sport, and that most casual fans are invested in him, and him alone.

Of course, Woods would love for everyone – including his peers, to invest in the PGA Tour. And though he’s got his fair share of obstacles, we wouldn’t really bet against Tiger Woods. A lot of others have tried and lost.