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Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva: What to Expect From Blockbuster Fight?

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva faced off for the first time. Is it going to be a good fight?

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva had their first face-off prior to their boxing match on October 29 in Phoenix. The YouTube superstar and the MMA legend will square off at 187 pounds. Monday's press conference was held in Los Angeles, while tomorrow the boxers will appear again in front of the media in Phoenix, Arizona, where the fight will take place.

Unlike his previous fights, we saw a very friendly and respectful Jake Paul with Anderson Silva, of whom he has been a fan since he was a child. At the presser, Silva and the Paul brothers recreated a photo from 13 years ago, when at a wrestling event they welcomed the then UFC champion.

Everything seems to be ready for the fight that will have two of the most popular figures in their respective sports.

Paul vs. Silva: What to expect?

Anderson Silva is, without a doubt, the toughest opponent Paul has faced in his short career. With all due respect to Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, who were champions in MMA, neither was a natural striker, while "The Spider" is one of the best ever.

Jake Paul will be looking to go for the finish from the start. He knows that by knocking Silva out he will earn respect and break the hearts of all the MMA fans who have criticized him since day one.

Within the standards of the fight, where a 47-year-old veteran will face an inexperienced 25-year-old professional boxer, we will see a better bout than all of Jake Paul's previous ones, because Anderson Silva is always exciting and will make his opponent look good.

Will it be a high-level fight? No, not even close. This bout should be taken for what it is: purely entertainment. If you're expecting to see a world championship level matchup, you should forget about it now to avoid a big disappointment in October.

The fight will be fun, and the show is likely to be entertaining as well, while waiting to find out what the undercard fights will be.

Silva Paul

A “work” in the making?

Anderson Silva will do everything in his power to win. Throughout his career, he has been a serious athlete with great integrity, and he is not going to let someone like Jake Paul tarnish his image. The Brazilian looked great in the ring, dominating a former world champion like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and even better, destroying Tito Ortiz.

There is no lack of conspiracy theories. In this case, there are posts claiming that Silva will lose for a large sum of money to help Paul's growth as a figure in combat sports. Forget about that; they're both going for the win.

Does Jake Paul have a chance to beat a legend? Anderson Silva is arguably the best striker in the history of MMA and is still showcasing his natural moves, but age is unforgiving in combat sports. The chin gets weaker as the years go by, the legs don't work the same way, and Silva is a human being after all. Jake Paul is young and has already proved he has power. The real question is: will Jake Paul be able to find "The Spider" in the ring? The outcome of the fight will be the answer.