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Patrick Beverley Is On One, Decimates Chris Paul

Patrick Beverley is making the media rounds and hasn't held back.

Patrick Beverley and Chris Paul are not on each other's Christmas Card list. Let's remind ourselves of some background.

Pretty atrocious behavior from Patrick Beverley there. After his team got waxed in every way imaginable, he decided to take a page from "if you can't win the game, win the fight." Shoving Chris Paul in the back instead of facing him man-to-man is certainly a choice. Fast forward almost a year later, and the Suns melted down in a game seven to the Dallas Mavericks in disastrous fashion. Patrick Beverley's team was already sent home, so naturally, Beverley decided to make the media rounds.

In lieu of a hall of fame career, a championship, or respect, Patrick Beverley is reveling in the Suns' epic game seven choke job. Check out his appearance on ESPN's "Get Up."

Despite the slightly misleading title, Beverley took as many shots at Chris Paul as he could. Social media did not disappoint. 

Patrick Beverley Is Salty

“Ain’t nobody worried about Chris Paul when you play the Phoenix Suns.”

Remember the first clip at the top of this article, where Beverley shoved Paul in the back? Part of that is because Chris Paul had just dropped 41 points on 16-24 shooting in a 130-103 victory over Beverley and the Clippers. Beverley finished with a robust 11 points. I am going to pull back the veneer on my objectivity here—I can't stand Patrick Beverley, but I am also not the biggest Chris Paul fan. The Suns deserve all of the smoke for their putrid game seven performance. For Patrick Beverley to be this loud, though, is pretty rich.