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Patrick Beverley Or Draymond Green: Who Is NBA's Biggest Heel?

P-Bev vs Draymond. The battle of the century.

Every sport needs heels, I guess. With every generation of NBA, superstars come at least a few. If you're unfamiliar with what a "heel" is, it was originally a wrestling term.

"A heel is a wrestler who portrays a villain, "bad guy" or "rulebreaker" and acts as an antagonist."

If you want to know who a heel is, here is a thought exercise. Think of your favorite team and possibly your favorite player on that team. Now, who is the player you hate because of your loyalty to that team and player? That is a heel.

Historical Heel

As far as NBA heels go, there is nobody in history greater than the dirtiest player of them all. Feast your eyes on Bill Laimbeer.

Horace Grant once said this about Laimbeer. "I'll miss Laimbeer like someone would miss cancer." Just a brutal (but hilarious) and stark quote about Laimbeer. People said even his teammates hated him. When his reputation was established, other teams were not always shy about making sure his play was not appreciated.

Patrick Beverley vs Draymond Green

For this generation's NBA, we have two fantastic heels. Their names are Patrick Beverley and Draymond Green. Who is the worst? That's in the eyes of the beholder, and if we're being honest, depends on who your favorite team is. To get some perspective, let me show you some of their best (worst) work.

Starting a fight on an NBA court is pretty lame, but it happens. It's a passionate sport and you can forgive the occasional fracas. Punching/shoving someone in the back is the ultimate cheap shot and the sign of a true punk-ass move. Draymond Green will not stand for being outdone, though.

Green's actions there are not inadvertent. Not even a little bit. Green has a history of being a dirty player and this play versus the Thunder cemented it forever. For further evidence, watch this entire video of Green's dirtiest plays.

How about Beverley's compilation? You got it.

Who Gets The Crown Here?

I am sorry but as much as this Laker fan wants to say Beverley is the biggest heel, Beverley loses in a landslide to Green. There are multiple reasons for this. For one thing, Green is the better player. Ahmad Rashad once said something about Reggie Miller's trash-talking that is relevant to Draymond Green. He said that if the trash-talking distraction comes from a guy who is no good, it would just be chatter from a scrub. With Green, he is a legitimately talented player.  A good player also being a heel is a masterclass in effectiveness. This is why Green manages to get into people's heads.

This is not to take away from Beverley's skills. He is a terrific defender. He used to be even better but his peak was short. Beverley still has skill as a defender and he has improved his outside shooting stroke. His skill level is not nearly on the level of Green's, though. As far as the best heel in the NBA, there is only one crown and one king.