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NWSL Just Got A New Sponsor

NWSL is growing in popularity and it sure helps when you get a new sponsor to pour in some of that revenue back to the athletes.

Show me the carfax! Darn. Wrong company catchphrase. I've always wanted to do that. The National Women's Soccer League just got itself a new sponsor: CarMax.

CarMax is the nation’s largest buyer and seller of used cars and they're now the Official Auto Retailer of the NWSL. CarMax will also be the presenting sponsor of the NWSL Shield, which is awarded to the club with the best record at the end of the regular season. This isn't just more commerce run amok.

This means CarMax is committing to doubling the bonus pool awarded to the winning team of said Shield. This will double the bonus pool money from $5,000 to $10,000 per player.

Everyone knows that money in sports is in sponsorships and advertisements. The Michael Jordan and LeBron James of the world make more money off their sponsorships and partnerships than they ever do from their player salaries. This analogy isn't perfect, as this NWSL partnership is for the league entire, but the money is there. NWSL Commissioner Jessica Berman expressed excitement.

“This new collaboration is yet another indicator of the steadily increasing value of women’s sports around the world and a testament to CarMax’s enthusiasm towards achieving equity in sport. We’re excited to welcome a partner who shares both our passion for the game and a commitment to leveling the playing field for the remarkable athletes that call our league home.”

Women's Sports

There are a variety of reasons that women's sports do not get the attention and viewership that men's sports do, but corporate sponsorship and more overall media attention can only help the cause. The rest of us can do the work by watching, attending, and reading about women's sports and treating them the same as we do with men's sports. Soccer may be lower on the radar in terms of American sports, but it has steadily risen in popularity over the past two decades.