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NFL Preview: Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios for the Broncos

It's either going to be really good, or really, really bad. No middle ground.

The NFL regular season is here, and the Denver Broncos are going to be a really good team. Or they’re going to come close, but in the end, falter thanks to a division that looks very, very strong. Either way, chances are they’re not going to be really, really bad. And they have a franchise QB. Those are all upsides for a team that hasn’t had consistency in the most important position since Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset.

What is the best case scenario for the Broncos? And what is the worst-case scenario? We discuss as we preview the season to come:

Best-Case Scenario

The AFC West isn’t an easy division, and it’s hard to see any team running away from the pack. Kansas City still looks to be number one, at least till actual regular season games are played. It’s hard to bet against Patrick Mahomes. But if Wilson is clicking, that gives the Broncos a chance at overtaking the Chiefs in the division. Not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not hard to picture the fate of the AFC West coming down to the 4th quarter in one or two divisional games.

And all things considered, the Broncos will take going into that situation with Russell Wilson at the helm. And even if it’s against Mahomes, the Chiefs have gone through some turmoil of their own, including losing Tyreek Hill, so there’s a chance. For the Broncos, the best-case scenario clearly involves Wilson turning an offense that was ranked 23rd in scoring last year, around. Well, that and a top-five defense led by Patrick Surtain II, Ronald Darby and Justin Simmons.

Worst-Case Scenario

Let us remember Wilson struggled in 2021. A lot of that was chalked up to Seattle’s scheme, and Wilson seems eager and ready to prove himself in a new team, and with a new playbook. But there’s a scenario where that just doesn’t happen, and Denver’s offense struggles to get into a rhythm. Couple that with the strength of the division, and the Broncos could go from challenging the Chiefs for the top spot to being beaten by the Charges and the Raiders for last – particularly if their biggest defensive acquisition, Randy Gregory, isn’t the star the Broncos are hoping he’ll be.

Conventional wisdom is on the Broncos having a better season than last year, but in the NFL the worst-case scenario can never be completely discounted. For the league, however, there’s no better scenario than the AFC West becoming truly competitive. Good games equal more money, after all. And if Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson are going to face off, it’s much better if it’s in a game that means something.