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NFL Preview: 3 Storylines That Will Dominate Week 1 and Beyond

Week 1 is going to be over dramatic and in a great way thanks to some brewing storylines that should take over the NFL season.

We are one game in and the Rams are no longer GOATs and the Bills are an unbeatable force ready to take over the NFL landscape.

So if you are willing to throw sensibility to the wind, there’s a lot you can read into one week of action. According to Thursday, the Rams are lacking an offensive line, anyone other than Cooper Kupp that can catch the ball, and a running game that is more like a slow waltz.

The Bills are like a John Wick action sequence, splendiferous and captivating all at once.

But what does Sunday and beyond have for us? Let’s dive into the most intriguing storylines from a Week 1 that seemed to never come.

Will the Real QB1 Please Stand Up

The 49ers are knocking on Super Bowl’s door. Sadly, there’s nobody home and they have to wait on the porch until an actual quarterback shows up.

The coin flip last year was between Jimmy “Anxiety-Inducing” Garoppolo and Niner snuggle bear Trey Lance. No matter how well Jimmy G performed, the thought was that Trey Lance could deliver just a little more.

Now it’s time the organization finally made its decision and embraced one QB1 to lead them forward. Or they won't. They will operate 2022 with the roles reversed.

Lance takes over under center while Garoppolo picks up a paycheck to hold a clipboard. This should end well.

Ravens Gamble

Lamar Jackson is a good athlete. That’s something someone who is an idiot might say. Of course, he’s a good athlete, he’s also a singular quarterback who should be enshrined with everything good that has come out of Baltimore, even including the second season of “The Wire.”

The two parties are playing under an impasse of sorts.

The star QB turned down the team’s recent offer, via ESPN. And the storyline is that he is gambling on himself.

Injury risk aside, I say Baltimore is gambling. The Ravens are a title run away from paying big time, either financially or by losing a cornerstone player.

Russell Wilson Returns to Place He Once Knew

Week 1 is so drama.

The Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks. And while this isn’t an interesting match-up in the realm of parity, it will get run in the media thanks to the quarterback situation.

Wilson is back in Seattle and he will either get booed, cheered or both. Regardless, he will have a hell of a lot more firepower with his new team. And, perhaps, some added vitriol for his former squad.

He had this to reminisce on recently, via The Athletic.

“I definitely think they tried to (trade me) a couple times and tried to see what was out there,” Wilson said. “It’s part of the business and part of being a professional and everything else. Upset is probably the wrong word. I believe in my talent and who I am. I believe I’m one of the best in the world. I don’t worry about anything else other than that. My focus has always been on winning and what we can do, how we can add great players and everything else.”

Nothing like watching a QB scorned this weekend.

It should go well with Red Zone action, the occasional beer and the constant refresh of the fantasy team. Good to have the foosball back.