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NFL Power Rankings: Top Picks and Sneaky Surprises From Training Camps

NFL season kicks off in a month. Which teams are going to be the best ones? Which teams are going to be surprisingly good?

Let's kick this off by saying I think there are a few teams who are going to be sneaky good. They may be entirely obvious choices to you, and that's okay. I am writing for the masses, not for those who can kick my ass in an NFL fantasy league. Which teams are going to be good? Let's see. I also added a few surprises.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills were 13 seconds away from making it to the AFC championship. Some brutal defense and some Kansas City Chiefs magic heartbreakingly ended their season. In the offseason, they did not lose any key pieces. They only added pieces in Von Miller and a few other veterans. Josh Allen is not a fluke. He is the real deal and the Bills are set to win 12 games.

Los Angeles Rams

The defending Super Bowl champions are already being considered a non-factor in returning to the Super Bowl. Such disrespect. To be fair, they lost some big names in Robert Woods, Odell Beckham Jr., Sebastian Joseph-Day, and Von Miller. They added in return, Allen Robinson and Bobby Wagner. Does this make them as good as last season? No. A lot of their division rivals also improved and this should be acknowledged. All of that said, Matthew Stafford played out of his mind in the playoffs, and his ascension to the most elite tier of quarterbacks should be recognized.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We are all aware of the fact that Tom Brady is a vampire who we will never be rid of. Unless Tom Brady ever truly retires, we have to assume he is going to be an elite quarterback again. This makes the Bucs a contender as long as Brady is there. They added an underrated receiver in Russell Gage from the Falcons, and frankly, any team with Brady has some kind of devil magic. They just do.

Kansas City Chiefs

People discounted the Chiefs the moment they traded away Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs also added Juju Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Skyy Moore, though. I may stand alone here, but I believe these more than make up for the loss of Smith-Schuster. Many weapons are better than one, even if that one weapon is Hill. Besides all of that, any team with Patrick Mahomes at the helm will contend.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers were very aggressive in the offseason. Justin Herbert didn't have any sophomore slump he improved his game in every facet. Adding Khalil Mack was a good enough improvement to make this list, but they also added J.C Jackson to their secondary. The Chargers are going to be good, they'll just need to perform in the clutch.


Green Bay Packers

Wacky opinions notwithstanding, any team with Aaron Rodgers is going to win more games than they lose. "This could be their year" is a funny trope but I would not count the Packers out.

San Francisco 49ers

Mina Kimes is never wrong. Jimmy Garoppolo is just not a great quarterback. If freshly drafted Trey Lance amounts to anything above average, the 49ers' offense could be better than decent and their elite defense could carry them into the promised land.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles had moments last season where they looked like an elite team. The other moments we are not acknowledging at the moment. They acquired A.J. Brown, who is possibly the best receiver in the NFL, and the Eagles had one of the best drafts on draft day.

Last Thoughts

If I did not include your team it's because they stink. Just kidding. If you think I missed an easy one, let us know on Twitter @EnFuegoNow or @AJontheguitar.