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The NFL Draft Is a Wild Sight to Behold

The NFL Draft is gorgeous. What went into this intricate and bombastic Las Vegas operation?

The 2022 NFL Draft starts (tonight) Thursday at 8 p.m. ET and Rounds 2-7 will follow on Friday and Saturday. Here's what to expect around the draft itself. 

The 2021 top prospects will be walking the red carpet stage set up over the Fountains of Bellagio. The biggest off-season event the NFL has certainly paints a fancy picture. The entire strip in front of the Bellagio and over 1 million square feet of space behind the Linq are taken over by the event. The views are gorgeous.

This event has been weeks in the making. Kelsey Pietrangelo is the NFL manager of live event operations, which has constructed a 252-foot stage at the Bellagio. Pietrangelo spoke of a team effort and the perfect choice of the Bellagio.

“It takes a team to do it,” Pietrangelo said. “The company that built that stage and installed the carpet is local from Las Vegas. Anywhere we go we try to tap into the local vendors. When you’re in the center of the Strip like this, the different hotels and properties, and just the ease of location, making sure we can get our fans back and forth safely,” 

The view is picturesque, if not also evoking a modern Venice.


This is the first time the NFL draft is being held in Las Vegas. It's been historically held in New York since 1965. It was supposed to be held in Las Vegas in 2020 but obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic changed all of that. The Bellagio just feels like a natural place to hold the most anticipated draft in all of the major sports.

Who do you think the Jacksonville Jaguars will choose for their no. 1 pick?