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NBA Rumors: Anthony Davis In Brooklyn?

NBA rumors are already off the chart.

Yesterday the rumors were surrounding Kyrie Irving. Today the rumors are surrounding Lakers big-man Anthony Davis.

Davis Going Out East?

Irving has one year left on his contract. If he chooses to opt out, he may request a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. It is worth noting this would be the second team he chose to walk away from because of the big stars surrounding him. If Irving does get traded, it appears the Nets have starry eyes for Lakers star Anthony Davis. There are whispers that the Lakers are eyeing Irving. The Lakers would have to move albatross Russell Westbrook. The Brooklyn Nets would have no interest in acquiring Westbrook unless that also brought along Anthony Davis.

Lakers Daily had the whispers, but for reasons I will highlight in a minute, take this with a grain of salt and a shot of bourbon.

“The Los Angeles Lakers reportedly are potential suitors for Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving this offseason, but the team is not expected to part with star Anthony Davis to acquire him. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst revealed on his podcast that the Nets would only entertain a trade with the Lakers if Davis were involved. However, Windhorst also said he does ‘not see’ that happening for the Lakers this offseason.”

What A Load Of Bull

I wanted to refute these rumors, but I included the news up top so that readers could understand where this was all coming from. This is all smoke and mirrors.

* Kyrie Irving left Cleveland to get away from LeBron James. There's no way he does all of this just to reunite with an aged James in LA.

* I don't see the Nets giving away more draft picks and possibly Seth Curry just to pull off this blockbuster trade.

These rumors reek of stirring the pot during an early offseason. If I am wrong, you can roast me as much as necessary.

Other Rumors

Another rumor floating around centers on the Charlotte Hornets. It appears the Hornets are looking to trade Gordon Hayward alongside one of their two first-round picks to clear up cap space for Miles Bridges. Naturally, the Lakers are also tied to this rumor. The Hornets could use a playmaker like Westbrook. This trade rumor at least makes a little more sense than the Irving and Davis one. It is difficult to see Hayward as a Laker, though. Hayward is a better shooter and overall shot-maker than Westbrook is these days.

This last one is confirmed to be true and not just a rumor. The Los Angeles Lakers reportedly offered Russell Westbrook, Talen Horton-Tucker, and a 2026 first-round draft pick to the Indiana Pacers for Malcolm Brogdon. This appears to be a deal that was floated before the season's end. Brogdon is a terrific shooter and would have complimented James and Davis very well. Shame.

Last Thoughts

These rumors are going to fly during the off-season. At En Fuego, we promise to bring you the good ones and weed out the garbage. What wild moves would you like to see your favorite team make?