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NBA Free Agency Is Already Bananas, Here Are The Moves So Far

So much has already happened in NBA free agency. Let's recap.

NBA free agency is upon us and it's already a bloodbath. In the 24 hours that have passed, I don't think I could catch you up on the entirety of the transactions and moves that have been made. What I will do is try and update the biggest moves! Tweets will be embedded for credit, but there are some big changes coming to NBA rosters.

The Durant In The Room

This information is pulled right from ESPN.

"In a decision that could transform the NBA for years to come, franchise star Kevin Durant has requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday, his business manager Rich Kleiman told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski."

That's right, Kevin Durant has decided to fly the coup again. This trade is monstrous because his extension with the Brooklyn Nets kicks in this season, so a team is going to be taking on a four-year, Durant-sized deal. Whether you blame Kyrie Irving, Durant himself, or even the presence of Ben Simmons, this move will change the NBA.

Phoenix is one of Durant's preferred destinations. Of course. Why wouldn't the world's biggest ring chasers and front runners want to go to a 64-win team? I have an honest question. If Durant goes to Phoenix and the Suns steamroll every team en route to an NBA championship—where is the fun in that? Where is the competitive edge? Would Durant really feel like he worked his way to a championship by jumping on the coattails of a team that should already have won a title without him? I digress.

Other Free Agency Moves

Zach Lavine would have looked nice in LA, I'm just saying. Good for the Bulls to lock him up and good for Lavine.

Nurkic is one of the more under-the-radar big men in the NBA. Good move for the Trailblazers. Is this the year they finally go deep into the playoffs?

Bradley Beal stays in Washington. This is a great move for the Wizards.

John Wall is not the same point guard he once was, but the Clippers will benefit from his ball handling and defense.

Kemba Walker isn't staying in Detroit, but this wasn't much of a surprise.

A veteran European player will find a new team.

Penny Simmons stays in Portland.

Robin to Cleveland. Every team needs a big man for minutes.

The Celtics get another talented guard.

Good for Atlanta to get some upcoming depth in a first-round pick. The Sacramento Kings has famously not been very good with first-round picks, anyway.

Last Thoughts

NBA free agency is a bonanza like none other. I did not include nearly half of the signings and dealings, just the ones that were the biggest. Who knows what news may drop after you read this article or the next one. Where Durant lands is going to be a bomb for the NBA. Brooklyn should get a king-sized package for Durant. You cannot blame the Nets for this too much. Durant and Kyrie Irving are two of the more mercurial stars in the NBA. With the addition of Ben Simmons, was it even realistic that those three would make a viable trio? Nobody will ever know.

Personally, I think Durant to Miami would be the most fun.