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MVP Dad Makes MLB Catch of the Year

Dad powers are real, spectacular, and not to be underestimated. Check out this catch!

Never doubt the power, strength, coordination, or gutsiness of a proud dad. Check out this catch made by a dad holding a baby on Tuesday night during a New York Mets/Washington Nationals game.

"This man will go viral!"

Indeed, he did go viral. I can't stress enough how difficult of a catch this was. He's holding a toddler in his left arm. While holding the toddler, he leans over the railing with his left hand and makes the catch. I'm happy when I don't step on hot wheels cars when I'm carrying my toddler. They impede your vision a little bit, and avoiding stepping on toys is nothing next to catching a home run ball that was almost certainly 95+ miles per hour off the bat. Just incredible.

Which One Was Better?

On Sunday, a fan caught a foul ball while holding two beers at a game between the Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim) and the Toronto Blue Jays. You can see the play here.

Ultimately, I've got to give the dad the benefit of the award for "best catch." The catch the Angels fan made while also not spilling his Modelos is very impressive. Unfortunately for him, the fan at the Mets game had too many variables. 

1. Holding a toddler

2. Standing and leaning over a railing

3. It was a home run

There's nothing you can do about the narrative there. It wins for best fan catch of the last few days. An incredible play and he'll have the video for the rest of his life that he can embarrass his child with.