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Mookie Betts Plays Catch With A Fan, Day Suddenly Brighter

Mookie really is the Betts.

The Dodgers shut out the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday, 4-0. This made the Los Angeles Dodgers the first team in Major League Baseball to have 80 wins. The game had moments of excitement, but for one kid, the most exciting moment of his life took place.

Pretty smart move by the kid and his family. They knew that their seats had great proximity to right field where Betts would be, and as the kids say, "they shot their shot" with a sign that said, "Hey Mookie wanna play catch? The young boy got the thrill of a lifetime. It wasn't just a throw or two. Dodgers announcer Joe Davis pointed out they played catch the entire time between innings. Betts also let the fan keep the ball, giving them a souvenir that will remind them of an unforgettable memory.

Baseball At Its Betts

Betts is a true man of the fans. Just a few weeks ago he gave a young fan a bat, and he is often seen interacting with fans and smiling that million-dollar smile he's well-known for.

Last season, Reds outfielder TJ Friedl hit a home run against the Dodgers in Cincinnati for his first career hit. Betts knew Friedl was two days into his MLB career and did not have a hit. Mookie was immediately aware it was a ball that would be very important to Friedl. When the fan did not hesitate after Betts asked for the ball, Betts gave him a signed bat and played catch with the fan, as well.

Betts is good for baseball and a good guy.