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Mookie Betts Is Bringing Culture To This Game

The Dodgers All-Star outfielder is using his talent to grow the game where it matters.

There are not many who can do what Mookie Betts can do. There is also a major issue with another part about being unique. 

The superstar said as much as he basked in the glow of another Dodgers win, 9-6 over the San Francisco Giants, on Thursday night.

The Dodgers outfielder was asked about the shirt he rocked ahead of the All-Star Game on Tuesday evening.

It was a black shirt festooned with colorful lettering that read, “We Need More Black People at the Stadium.”

Asked about it on ESPN, Betts elaborated on his sentiment: “For me it’s just about bringing culture to the stadium. Sometimes I look around and I don’t see people that look like me.”

Black players account for just over 7% of MLB rosters, according to a report earlier this season. As Betts puts it, the game is a universal one: “This is all-inclusive. It’s for everyone.”

The Dodgers marquee man but on a show against the hated rivals, launching a go-ahead home run and then later making a diving catch to conclude the festivities:

It’s clear that America’s pastime has an ongoing problem with diversity. It’s rosters being reflective of the country would only better serve the longevity and health of this great game.

Betts is a singular player in talent, but that shouldn’t mean he need stand alone.