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MLB Rumors: 3 Players That Get the Dodgers Back to the World Series

New season, new disappointment - will 2023 be the year of the Dodgers?

The Dodgers' 2022 season was fantastic. It seemed as if the team was winning games naturally, to the point of reaching 111 wins in the regular season.

Unfortunately, once again, the team did not excel in the postseason, being eliminated in the NLDS by their fierce rivals, the San Diego Padres.

Once the campaign is over, the same questions arise as every year when analyzing a team that does not show weakness in the regular season, but for some reason in the playoffs they do not perform as they should.

The Dodgers, by tradition, are one of the most attractive and popular teams in the Major Leagues, and they always have a good wallet to make big moves and improve their roster.

Who could wear the Dodgers' uniform in 2023? Here are three candidates.

Jacob deGrom

Three of the Dodgers' starters (Andrew Heaney, Tyler Anderson, and Clayton Kershaw) are leaving for free agency, and this is where Jacob deGrom comes into play.

Jacob deGrom will be a free agent in 2023, and while the Mets will do everything they can to keep their great ace pitcher, there are surely going to be offers from other teams, including the Dodgers.

The Mets right-hander has spent his entire professional career in the New York organization, and it will not be easy to convince him to turn down the team he loves, however, there is also the possibility that he may want to change scenery and try something different to finally become a champion.

Carlos Correa

The possibility of this signing depends solely on what happens with Trea Turner, who will be a free agent in 2023, and we still don't know if he will remain with the Dodgers. Turner's departure could mean that the Dodgers will have to desperately search for a quality shortstop to replace him.

Carlos Correa decided to opt out of his contract with the Minnesota Twins, looking to play for a more competitive team, especially after leaving the Astros, who were finally baseball champions in 2022.

The Puerto Rican will be looking for a big contract for at least $300 million and 10 seasons. Few teams would be able to meet his demands, and the Dodgers are one of them.

Correa should be worth less than Turner in free agency, and that's where his arrival to the Dodgers becomes attractive.

Kenley Jansen

The fierce closer will be a free agent and has already hinted at the possibility of returning to the Dodgers, a team where he played 12 seasons. "We'll see what's out there," Jansen told TMZ Sports.

Jansen remains a caliber reliever and would obviously be a great addition to the Dodgers bullpen, even more so with his experience in the postseason, precisely the period where the team falls short. The Curaçao native led the National League with 41 saves, striking out 85 batters in 64 innings pitched. His numbers show that the flamethrower remains one of the best in the game.

It would be epic if we got to hear the song "California Love" one more time when Jansen comes out to pitch at Dodger Stadium.